Exterminators Continuing Education

Our experts stay on top of industry news by attending seminars, reading industry news and watching for changing pest control regulations.  We conduct training sessions throughout the year and are always looking to improve. The exterminating business, just like every other industry, has changing products, techniques, and safety concerns.long island pest control, tiger mosquito

Professional Exterminators Continue to Learn

One of the ways that we stay informed is by attending the annual Purdue University Pest Management Conference. It is the oldest and largest pest management conferences in the country. Two of our entomologists are attending.

Mosquito treatment is the focus at this year’s conference. With Zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases spreading, it is important to have a mosquito management program that is safe to people and other organisms, as well as the environment. Since Long Island has so many ideal mosquito breeding grounds, this class is especially important to us.

We can’t wait to hear the latest scientific news on pollinators, bee keeping and pollinator protection. Other conference classes include bird management, how asthma and allergies associated with rodents and insects are on the increase, and an update on odorous house ants. And we can’t forget about the bed bugs and wood beetles classes.

One panel discussion is about delusory parasitosis. Bed bugs and other pests can cause psychological troubles.  These troubles involve people who are itching and scratching and thinking insects are biting them, when in fact no insects are present.

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