Customer Service Award

You deserve an award when many customers call to compliment your work! Congrats to our Employee of the Quarter, Imran!

Suburban Exterminating Reviews

Mrs G of Huntington said “Imran is lovely a wonderful technician went above and beyond to make cust happy and at ease mrs ver pleased with him as a tech, thanked mrs for taking the time to call us and let us”

Mrs. S of Centerport “She loved Imran and that he did a great job at her house”long Island pest control, suburban exterminating reviews

Mrs. W of East Setauket “Imran was great, very nice and very professional.”

Mr. T of Commack emailed   “he is professional- nice guy- does the right thing for the company”

Mrs. D of Hauppauge said ” He was amazing. He made her feel like he knew what he was doing and secure with the company.”

Mrs. S of Dix Hills called to say  “Imran was phenomenal, all techs were professional, courteous, respectful.”

Keep up the good work, Imran!

For professional pest control service at your Long Island home, call Suburban Exterminating at (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

5 Tips for Flea Prevention

One Long Island  homeowner talks about his flea problem “I have a flea infestation in my house/yard. I have tried various foggers inside my home on 3 different occasions. I have sprayed raid and another product on my flooring. They just keep coming back with in a day. I have vacuumed daily after work to…

Fly Control in Long Island Restaurants

Have you seen flies buzzing around your restaurant? Flies signal your customers that your restaurant is not clean. They spread germs and diseases and can be difficult to control.  Pest control professionals can help you to identify the source of your problem and eliminate the flies. Our expert recently spoke at the Suffolk County Suffolk…

Check Bed Bugs Off of Your List of Worries

There’s a list of worries in the head of a college freshman’s parent: If their child is safe, well fed, and if they remembered enough pairs of underwear. But one pestering thing many parents forget is bed bugs. According to the 2013 Bugs without Borders survey, 47% of pest control experts treat college dorms for…

Our Children’s Library Program

Buggy fun enjoyed by all! Our 2014 library program, Learn What It Takes to Become an Entomologist, has appeared at Port Jefferson, East Northport, Smithtown and Southampton! We look forward to meeting everyone at our next shows in West Babylon and Greenlawn. To learn more about our upcoming library shows, see   

Bees and Wasps Invade Long Island

Where can bees and wasps make their homes? Here are a few reports from your Long Island neighbors. Bees, Wasps and other Stinging Pest Problems  Huntington Station reports:   I think we have wasps starting to stay in the siding by our front door. I want to know if you can help to remove them permanently,…

Keep Unwanted Guests Out of Your Parties!

It’s August, and you know what that means? Graduation parties and outdoor BBQs! For the next month, weekends are going to be jam packed with celebrations for newly graduated students and other family events before the start of the next school year. While some families choose to have their parties at a catering hall, most…

Handyman Help

Many pest control customers need home repairs after an insect or rodent  infestation. Pests can chew and damage a home’s siding, sheetrock and even the 2X4′s which support your home.  When our handyman, Victor, is not making repairs due to pests, Victor is available to help Long Island homeowners with other home repairs. Professional Handyman…

Why Pest Identification is Important

When you first see a pest crawling around, is your first instinct to smash it with a newspaper? Or step on it with your shoe? Why not try to contain it with a glass or a coffee cup? If you place the insect in a Ziploc bag or sealed container,  Suburban Exterminating can properly identify…

Plants Attract Deer (and their Ticks)

Deer and mice move hitchhiking ticks from one place to another. Suburban Exterminating offers ways to take care of the ticks on your lawn. However, deer and mice are very difficult to keep out of your yard. What can you do about it? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a list of plants that…