Inspection Reports for our Long Island Customers

Ever wonder what a pest control inspection might find? The following descriptions were provided from inspections around Nassau and Suffolk counties. At Suburban Exterminating, we train our technicians to recognize and recommend solutions to many pest control problems.

Pest Control Problems

Home has a detached garage, a utility shed, a dog run with cement runway (the dog spends all its time outside in this area), a woodpile on the ground, an area with compost, a low-lying deck open but not enough room to crawl underneath, ivy against the house and vegetation and tree branches in contact with the structure. Also, noticed a missing sewage vent, cracks in the foundation, small openings by the rear door and several openings around pipes and basement windows. The gutters are full and proper drainage is not taking place.

Rat burrows are under the doghouse and cement dog run. The dog has water and food in a dish at the end of the run that are both full. There are small burrows by the garage. The detached garage has gaps in the door sweep. There are mouse droppings on the floor of the garage. The homeowner stores numerous boxes and assorted items in a second floor loft in the garage that is accessible. The loft has numerous boxes and has many droppings. Grass seed is stored in the garage.

The wood pile is obviously infested with carpenter ants and you find rat burrows there. long island pest control, pest control inspection

It’s Thanksgiving, and our customers are in the spirit of the holiday. There are pumpkins and decorative corn on the front stoop and back deck.

The attic has a hatch access through a closet. There is no attic floor but you notice mouse droppings and disturbed insulation. The table has a hole in that is clearly visible.

The bedrooms on the upper floor show no activity except for the master bedroom which is above the kitchen. There are mouse droppings in the bathroom cabinet in the master bathroom area.

There are droppings in and underneath the cabinets in the kitchen which is below the master bedroom. The deck is located immediately behind the kitchen. There are a few droppings behind the washing machine and dryer which sit behind a wall adjacent to the kitchen. There are no more droppings on the main floor.

The basement is half finished with a small crawl space that has a dirt floor. There is a dropped ceiling in the finished section of the basement. In the unfinished section you find droppings in the corner on the floor and on the sill plates running under the kitchen. The insulation is disturbed and there is an opening above the sill plates around a pipe close to the plumbing pipes headed up to the kitchen and upstairs floors. You notice acorns and other debris in some of the insulation.

In the kitchen and basement, you find dead carpenter ants, carpet beetle larvae, and adults.

Pest Problems Solved

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