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Suburban Exterminating’s customers benefit when we provide the most effective pest control methods. As part of our on-going education, we bring in experts to share the latest data, firsthand stories, and step-by-step actions.

Pest Control Experts Speak

Bobby Corrigan, with a doctorate in rodentology, is the country’s top expert in eliminating rodent problems. “Rodent control is more than just installing baits and traps,” Corrigan said. “Our job is protecting food, home, health, safety and comfort. ” New studies indicate more viruses are being carried by rats and fleas.long island pest control, professional exterminator

Nassau County Department of Health Officials,  Kimberly Robinson & Nimmy Tsouratakis, Public Health Sanitarians, spoke on complaints received. The top complaints involved feeding animals (largely feral cats) and garbage. long island pest control, nassau county health department

Dr. Austin Frishman Ph.D. is a world-renowned pest management professional. He is a frequent speaker at pest management conferences and author of The Cockroach Combat Manual. While showing us the latest products in pest control, Dr. Frishman said to remember that “Emotion trumps science.” long island pest control, professional exterminating

All speakers spoke about how mice, rats and roaches spread disease and cause asthma/allergy reactions.

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us! Bobby Corrigan, the country’s top expert in eliminating rodent problems,  Dr. Austin Frishman Ph.D.,  world-renowned pest management professional and Nassau County Department of Health Officials,  Kimberly Robinson & Nimmy Tsouratakis. We appreciate your knowledge!

Our knowledge of the many pest control techniques, environmental studies and other exterminating industry news helps Suburban Exterminating to provide excellent service to Long Island customers.  Please call (631) 864-6900 or (516) 864-6900 for Long Island pest control services.