6 Ways You Can Prevent Termite Damage

Protecting your home against termites is difficult. The best way to protect your home is to avoid any earth – wood contact from your home to the ground. In other words, if any part of the structure or attachment to the structure is composed of wood and touches the ground, there is a much higher likelihood of termite infestation. A wooden deck, sheds, wooden garage door jams, and  wooden fences should have -NO- earth to wood contact especially when they are also connected to your home. This situation makes it much easier for termites to infest the  house.

6 Ways You Can Prevent Termite Damagelong island pest control blog, termite damage

  1. Decks, sheds, fences, etc, made of wood should be supported on concrete
    pads at the point of contact with the earth.
  2. The homeowner should reduce the amount of wood and wood based products
    such as paper and cardboard around the house.
  3. Clean up wood debris and leaf litter.
  4. Move firewood away from the house -or- raise it above the ground and out
    of contact with the ground.
  5. Using redwood and cedar mulch or stone in flower beds will reduce the
    likelihood of termite infestation.
  6. It is always advisable to speak with a Pest control expert about
    inspecting the premises on an annual basis and/or setting up a termite
    monitoring system as a preventative measure.

Thanks to Suburban Exterminating’s Mr. Lynn Frank, Board Certified Entomologist, for providing this advice!

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