Handyman Help

Many pest control customers need home repairs after an insect or rodent  infestation. Pests can chew and damage a home’s siding, sheetrock and even the 2X4′s which support your home.  When our handyman, Victor, is not making repairs due to pests, Victor is available to help Long Island homeowners with other home repairs.

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Victor has been making home improvements since 1986! He is happy to help with your home repairs

  • any interior finishing work
  • walls
  • sheetrock
  • moldings
  • spackle
  • paint
  • doors
  • windows
  •   siding
  • aluminum fascia
  • soffits
  • and more….

Victor is a Long Island native whose favorite vacation spot is Fire Island. Happily married, Vic is the drummer in his family band. The band’s favorite song is  “House of the Rising Sun”.

Suburban Exterminating has been servicing homes and businesses on Long Island for over 50 years. Please feel free to check us out at the Better Business Bureau or ask for references. Contact Victor for home repairs at Suburban Exterminating  (516) 864-6900 or (631) 864-6900.

Why Pest Identification is Important

When you first see a pest crawling around, is your first instinct to smash it with a newspaper? Or step on it with your shoe? Why not try to contain it with a glass or a coffee cup? If you place the insect in a Ziploc bag or sealed container,  Suburban Exterminating can properly identify…

Plants Attract Deer (and their Ticks)

Deer and mice move hitchhiking ticks from one place to another. Suburban Exterminating offers ways to take care of the ticks on your lawn. However, deer and mice are very difficult to keep out of your yard. What can you do about it? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created a list of plants that…

Don’t BEEEE a Statistic!

Bee stings and other insect stings send over 500,000 people to the emergency room each year. Three percent of the American population is allergic to a stinging insect’s venom. Don’t become a statistic! Stinging insects are out in full force this summer. What type of stinging pests are you finding in your yard? Bees, wasp,…

A Big Welcome to our New Commercial Pest Control Inspector

Mark Kristol is a pest control technical consultant for our Commercial Pest Control Division.  Mark and his wife are childhood sweethearts who met in the 10th grade. They live in Setauket with two daughters. Mark is a huge volleyball fan and loves to kayak!  For all you foodies, Mark is a Johnson & Wales graduate…

An Unlikely Performer: Suburban Exterminating at Local Libraries

What are your plans for the summer? Suburban Exterminating is looking forward to meeting the children, their parents and the librarians at our summer library events. Summer Bugs on Long Island Our library program is officially titled “Future Scientists: Learn What It Takes to Become an Entomologist”  Long Island librarians have also called our program:…

Pest Control Customers Show Some Love

It really makes our day when a customer calls in with a compliment or gives us a great on-line review. Here are a few compliments from customers on our pest control services. Mrs M from Massapequa called to say “Peter was over the top and is very happy with our service”. Mr. A from Dix…

Nasty Ants Invade

When ant colonies have over 300,000 workers, a home ant invasion is just revolting! Ants enter your home and leave a trail for other ants to follow! 700 Ant Species in the US Long Island has 6 kinds of ants which invade your home. Carpenter ants, citronella ant, little black ants, odorous house ant, pavement…

Our Pest Control Technician of the Year

Every ant colony has many worker ants. The worker ant keeps an ant colony alive and healthy. The worker’s job is varied and busy. In fact, worker ants rarely rest.  Just like a successful ant colony, a successful company also has many workers. Suburban Exterminating would like to honor one of our best workers. We…

Carpenter Bees are Natural Drillers

Carpenter bees create holes in wood. They are large, black and yellow bees that look like bumblebees. Carpenter bees have shiny black bodies. If you look closely, female carpenter bees have black heads. Males have a yellow or white patch on their faces. Carpenter Bee Damage in Your Home Every spring, female carpenter bees create…