Did You Find Ants?

“Despite the cold, cold temperatures, some Long Island homes are seeing ant activity. This ant activity occurs due to increased temperatures within the home. Usually, ants are the 1st insects reported prior to spring. Spring is on the way! “says Mr. Lynn Frank, Suburban Exterminating entomologist.  On Long Island, these ants are generally found in homes: carpenter ants, citronella ants, little black ants, odorous ants, pavement ants and Pharaoh Ants

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Ants find their way into your home searching for food and water. Ants work as a group to feed and protect their queen. The queen takes care of the colony by laying eggs of future worker ants. Since the queen is rarely seen, ants are difficult to get rid. And the queen is busy – workers can number as many of 500,000.

Different types of ants require different treatments. Most DIY treatments only kill the ants which you see and the ants continue to invade. A trained pest professional can identify the type of ant and help you to keep your home pest free.

Termites are not considered ants.  Read more about termites on our website.

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Ants Worldwide

Acrobat Ant

Allegheny Mound Ant

Argentine Ant

Army Ants

Bigheaded Ant

Black Ants

Carpenter Ant

Citronella Ant

Crazy Ants

Field Ant

Fire Ant

Ghost Ant

Grease Ants

Harvester Ant

Leafcutter Ants

Little Black Ants

Moisture Ant

Odorous Ant

Pavement Ant

Queen Ants

Sugar Ants

Thief Ant

White-Footed Ants

Winged Ants

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